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Technical Articles...

This page contains the technical articles which may provide a helping hand to you. These articles are written by the professional engineers and these articles are absolutely free to download. You can also send us some good articles which can be listed here to help others.

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Article of the Week

What is Benchmarking?

Whilst it is usually possible to get a rough idea of how well a computer will operate by simply looking at the system specification sheet, this doesn't always give a true reflection of the machines performance. For that reason, those that want to get an accurate idea of the speed of their computer will often run a piece of benchmarking software.

Benchmark programs work by testing performance characteristics of individual sections of your computer; for example the number of calculations per second of your processor, the access time of your memory and the number of polygons per second that your graphics card can draw. The results can then be used to produce an individual score for each component along with an overall score for the entire system; such results can be helpful for those who want to identify weak spots in their computer and work on improving them. Fortunately this week I learned of a piece of software called PC Wizard which allows you to do just that.

The software itself can be downloaded free of charge from - Fortunately it is only a couple of megabytes in size and so should only take a few minutes to download an install. The program is classified as freeware so isn't in any way restricted and they don't generate any revenue by exposing you to advertising.

The primary function of PC Wizard is simply to identify system components - this is surprisingly useful if you're looking to update a particular driver or gain support for a particular building block within your computer. On a conventional PC the only truly accurate other way has been simply to take the side off and have a look however this technique falls flat on its face when we are dealing with laptops. Whilst Windows Device manager will give me a limited amount of information regarding the hardware inside my laptop I'd much prefers a piece of software rather than a screwdriver to find out specifics.

Our main interest with this software is the benchmark section so if you click on this icon you will be given the options to test every conceivable area of your system including the processor, main memory, hard drive and video card. By comparing these readings against the benchmark systems already provided by the software you should be able to get a good idea of what areas of your system are letting you down.

For your own peace of mind, if you are considering a system upgrade then try running a test like this before and after the upgrade takes place so that you can see how much of a difference you've made. Likewise, if you want to experiment with playing around with things like BIOS settings and your Operating System then run these tests at all stages so you can see whether your alterations have had a positive or detrimental effect. I have in the past talked about removing software nastiness from your computer such as wasteful applications that stay resident in memory and for your own interest it would have been appropriate to use PC Wizard before and after to ensure that my tips had indeed been beneficial.

Any of the data you collect can be easily exported to a universal file format so should ever need the support of a PC helpdesk then sending the file along to them will provide an immediate and accurate impression of your machine without you having to do any legwork.

For those that need it, PC Wizard is a small, free and easy to use piece of software which can be extremely beneficial. Of course, not all software I recommend in Click is useful to everybody so if you have no intentions of tweaking your machine or performing any upgrades you're probably best skipping this particular recommendation.



Old Archive

64-Bit Computing

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When your data suddenly becomes inaccessible, a data loss is said to have occurred. A data loss can be caused by several factors. Most studies indicate that human error is one of the biggest reasons for data loss.


Taking Your Microsoft Skills To The MCSE Level

Microsoft certified systems engineer (MCSE) is the designing and implementation of the infrastructure based for business solutions. They schedule their instructors led classroom MCSE training at your complete control.


Why Should I Train For A Microsoft Certification?

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Web Crawlers : How do they know what you are looking for?

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Adsense publishing tips to earn a substantial income

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How to Write your Own Screensaver Using Visual C++

Screensaver is a program that is used primarily to safeguard your computer monitor from phosphorus burn. If you keep your computer idle for few minutes, the static picture on your monitor may be harmful for the health of your monitor.


What is Windows Registry : Programmers Perspective

Our computer runs different kind of processes either system or application specific. These processes need to store their current state, user defined variables etc. somewhere


How to Draw a Bitmap on your computer screen using Microsoft Windows

The graphics can be placed on top of your screen in two ways raster graphics or vector graphics. In Vector graphics mode, the mathematical functions or formulas ...


Memory Mapped Files

The data stored in a file resides permanently in your computer hard disk. This data is loaded in to main memory (also known as RAM) of your computer before it can...


Windows Common Control

The use of windowing environment has changed the day to day usage of the computer. Now a person can easily use computer without much expertise with the help of windows. The window environment...


Processes & Threads in Microsoft Windows

Microsoft has released a series of operating system starting from Windows 95 to Windows Vista. It was the Microsoft who took the initiative to launch a multi-tasking operating system...


Digital Image Enhancement Techniques

Now a days digital images have enveloped the complete world. The digital cameras which are main source of digital images are widely available in the market in cheap ranges...


Introduction to MPEG Video Stream

A video is a sequence of pictures and each picture is an array of pixels. This video data is organized in a hierarchical fashion in an MPEG video stream. MPEG video sequence consists of different layers, GOP, Pictures,...



Five Point Agenda for Software Development

There should be a common language that should be used for communication among different parties. After carrying out studies in latest trends in software engineering the strength of other methodologies for software...



Mobility Map Generation for Ground Surveillance on Hilly Terrain

This paper presents a technique to generate mobility map of a particular vehicle for ground surveillance. This technique uses the Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) and the Digital Material Analysis Data...



Cost Model Approach to Identify Snow Avalanche Prone Area

The snow avalanches are natural processes, occurring perhaps 1,000,000 times per year, worldwide. Lots of research work has been done in this area to predict the snow avalanche region. This paper is also an attempt...



Visual C++ code to Copy Screen to HBITMAP Object

The following code segment can be used to copy a portion or full screen in to a HBITMAP GDI object in visual C++. This code is tested on Visual C++ 6.0

HBITMAP CopyScreenToBitmap(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)...



Visual C++ code to Write HBITMAP Object in to BMP File

The following Visual C++ code segment can be used to save a HBITMAP object in to BMP file format.

void WriteBMPFile(HBITMAP bitmap, LPTSTR filename, HDC hDC)...



Using OpenGL with Visual C++

The OpenGL is a graphics library which provides the interface to your graphics hardware. It was first released by SGI systems. SGI is producer of marvelous graphics workstations. They have been the...



Introduction to PC sound Card

A sound card does a minimum of four tasks. It functions as Synthesizer, MIDI interface, Analog/digital converter (A/D), when sound is recorded from a microphone, Digital/analog converter...


Introduction to RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is our working memory storage. All the data, which the PC uses and works with during operation, are stored here. Data are stored on drives, typically the hard drive. However, for the CPU to work...



About the Video System of your PC

The video system (of which the monitor is a part) is one of the most important components in the PC. It affects directly your pleasure of working, and actually also your health. At the same time, the video system...






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