How to create a horoscope chart as per Lal Kitab methodology

 The horoscope chart for the Lal-Kitab astrology can be derived from the vedic horoscope charts. The vedic horoscope contains the twelve houses and the location of the planets in to different houses. Each house is also assigned a number that represents the zodiac sign. It represents the position of planet in a particular zodiac sign at the time of native’s birth. The example of the vedic horoscope chart is shown below.


The first house is called the “lagna” and the zodiac sign in the first house will be called its lagna sign. So the total twelve lagans will be possible in vedic astrology. Here in above example the lagna is Scorpio as the number 8 is written inside the first house.

 The Lal-Kitab astrology does not give weight to the lagna. It assumes that all the native in the World will have one lagna only and that is “Aries”. So to create a horoscope as per the lal-Kitab astrology, remove all the numbers from the vedic horoscope chart as shown below.


 Now re-number each house starting from the first house as shown below.

The lagna will be "Aries" for all the natives as per the Lal Kitab astrology.  Now the horoscope chart is ready for the analysis as per the Lal-Kitab methodology.