Instruction for self analysis of Horoscope chart

You should have the horoscope chart as per the Lal-Kitab instructions. We have already given instructions in the previous section to convert a vedic horoscope to Lal-Kitab horoscope. If you do not have your personal vedic horoscope chart, please mail us with your details as shown under. We will create your horoscope as per Lal-Kitab and send it to you.

 The details required to create a horoscope:

  • Name of the Person
  • Date of Birth (as per English calendar)
  • Time of Birth (specify AM or PM also)
  • Place of Birth (if village, please specify the nearest district)

 Send the above mentioned details at to receive a copy of the personal horoscope. This may take few days so have patience.

 Once the horoscope is ready, start reading the effect of different planets in your horoscope. Suppose Sun is situated in first house in your horoscope. Determine whether it is benefic or malefic (use table that is given in the subsequent section). Read the effect of Sun as benefic if it is benefic for you. The remedial measures can be taken if the planet is malefic.

 Start evaluating your horoscope considering single planet in first round. Write down the good and bad things and the remedies essential for you. Now consider the combinations of planets that may influence the result.

 This way one can easily evaluate his/her horoscope as per Lal-Kitab instructions and get benefited using the remedial measures suggested by the Lal-Kitab.